December 13, 2013

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Movie Review

The „Lord of the Rings“ is the biggest fantasy franchise in history and even 10 years after it is unmatched by any of its competitors. No other series has such a spectacular world rich with fantastic creatures and epic battles. The expectations are high just because its such a beloved story. Once again after last years start of the Hobbit trilogy Peter Jackson returns to middle earth with the second part about the tale how everything begun.

December 8, 2013

Movies 2014: My Expectations

[Image by PowerthruControl]

The year nears its ending and I use the chance to look forward. The next year of movies looks as exciting as every year and most of them will disappoint the audience with their brilliantly made trailer and marketing efforts for obvious facts like a bad storyline. But what movies are worth to keep an eye on? Here is my list for 2014:

November 28, 2013

Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Movie Review

The Hunger Games was a huge box office hit two years ago. Millions of people watch Katniss Everdeens fight for survival against other children. It was a cruel game for the rich for the simple sake of enjoying themselves. A brutal world as portrayed in other media like “Battle Royal”. The novel adaptation was decent at best, but for the second installment everything is different. Most prominent change was the director from Gary Ross to Francis Lawrence. Who thought this would change everything about the movie… in the best ways!

November 21, 2013

The Legend of Korra: Book 2 - Spirit

The Legend of Korra was the successor of the beloved Airbender series and took my heart by storm with his young adult content, resolving a strong female lead character who also had a fragile side. We were by her side as she fell in love and fought against a villain that had the power to take everything away from her. Therefore I had high expectations that the second season would be great and remove the only flaw of the first season: a rushed Deus-Ex Machina ending. Don’t get me wrong. The second season is good but it was the worst of all Airbender ones by far and here are my reasons:

November 14, 2013

Thor: The Dark World - Movie Review

Some years ago Thor fought against Loki with his Avenger Friends destroying nearly half of New York. Now he is back again to fight a new evil villain with his beloved brother who tries to destroy the whole universe. What could possibly go wrong on the journey of these two gods? A lot of things and that’s why this movie is the best marvel one so far… and of course because Loki plays a major role. Actually its only because of Loki. They should have named the movie “Loki and a bit of Thor” instead.

November 2, 2013

The Fifth Estate - Movie Review

Another month with discussion about the NSA, the perfect time to release a movie about leaking confidential information of governments and terrorist groups to declare the truth. The movie is quite a bit Anti-USA, like it was the case with Edward Snowden. It's no surprise that the movies failed to gain a standing with US audience. Most people have heard about Wilileaks and the biggest scoops they did in the history of mankind, but do you know what happened behind the scenes? This movie will tell you about it in a dramatic way in the viewpoint of one of its members.


October 27, 2013

Author Interview with David-Michael Harding

Hi David, first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself.
I have been a writer for forty years.  The time itself is important, but the experiences, challenges, high and lows are water for the well from which authors draw their work.  I am a better writer today than I was 25 years ago - not because I am merely older, but because of the experiences I have laughed through and cried over.  As many have said, we are the sum of our experiences and mine have been many and varied. Parent, teacher, semi-pro football player, sailor, etc.  The best part is that I continue to find new experiences daily and put them in my reservoir of writing.  As a result I trust I will be a better writer in 10 years than I am today!

October 20, 2013

Why I Write…

[Post by Matthew Williams / Image by Beginte]
I can remember with some interest how, as a child, I would spend hours making things out of plasticene, or using mismatched toys from different franchises to construct large armies and sagas. And then, when I was old enough to have a sense of the aesthetic, I began to draw, and draw, and draw… In time, my love of RPG’s and video games made me want to create some of those too. It was never enough to just enjoy them on their own. Somehow, I always needed to create, recreate, or bring the things I liked best together in one place, where they could coexist on my own terms.

October 13, 2013

Author Interview with Kimberly Menozzi

Hi Kimberly, first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself.
Well, I'm an American who has lived in Italy since Christmas of 2003, I've been writing stories since I was about six or seven years old and I was first published in 2010 when a small UK press released Ask Me if I'm Happy.

What do you think makes your genre special?
I honestly don't consider myself a genre writer. I think Ask Me if I'm Happy falls into the category of Women's Fiction, though, but I'm not really partial to any particular genre.

October 6, 2013

Author Interview with Sherry Fulmer Moorer

Hi Sherri, first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself. 
By day, I work in professional licensing for design professionals. At night, I’m an independent author. I primarily write mysteries but have also written sci-fi and non-fiction. 

What do you think makes your genre special? 
I believe the mystery genre is special because it engages the mind – it makes you think, and the stories tend to stay with you even after you finish reading the book. I believe a good mystery also helps us to see the world around us with new eyes, and broadens our perspective. Nothing is mundane when you’re a mystery fan. You always look for the details in things, to tell you more about what it all means. 

September 29, 2013

The World's End - Movie Review

The World's End is a 2013 British science fiction comedy film directed by Edgar Wright, written by him and the critical acclaimed actor Simon Pegg, seen in epic blockbuster like Star Trek: Into Darkness and Mission Impossible IV. It is the third movie in the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, following Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. The film is about a group of old friends who try to reach the last pub in their unfinished pub crawl while discovering that their hometown turned into a an alien invasion gateway. Sounds ridiculous, right? That’s the fun part about the movie. It may doesn’t reach the amount of jokes like Hangover 3 did, but the jokes are better constructed that takes a moment to fully understand them, because many of them have an underlying meaning.

September 22, 2013

Author Interview with Deborah Baker

Hi Deborah, first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself.
I've been a health care practitioner for the past 34 years, Chiropractor, Homeopath, Master's in Nutrition, mostly doing functional medicine.  But I've always had a burning interest in fantasy, magic, etc.  A much different side of me, I know.  About five years ago, after having made notebooks full of ideas, I sat down one very wintry Saturday afternoon and started to write my first book of The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles.  The pie in the oven, burned, but the first three chapters were born.

September 15, 2013

Author Interview with Jo Michaels

Hi Jo, first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself.
Hi, Patrick! What to say about me? Well, I grew up in Louisiana, moved to Tennessee when I was in my twenties, and then to Georgia when in my thirties. I have five rowdy children who range from age seven to seventeen that are the light of my life. I’ve been a reader since I was four years old and a writer from the time I could hold a pencil and scribble on paper. I write Historical Fiction, Middle Grade Fiction, Paranormal, How-To, and Fantasy. My imagination is boundless and I let it run amok as often as possible.

September 8, 2013

A World of New Words

A World of New Words
I’ve recently started learning German and have discovered a whole world of new words; words which do not have an English equivalent. This has led me to wonder how learning another language can help improve our ability to express our feelings, and maybe even make us more aware of those feelings in the first place.
For example, I’ve experienced weltschmerz for many years, but I never had a nice neat word for it until now. The literal translation of weltschmerz means ‘world-pain’, or world-weariness, and was coined by the German author, Jean Paul Richter. It’s the feeling ‘experienced by someone who understands that physical reality can never satisfy the demands of the mind’, or ‘the feeling of sadness when thinking about the evils of the world’. Upon discovering this word I felt a weight lifted from me; having a singular word has helped me accept that feeling and it seems easier to deal with now that I have a label for it in my mind and it’s not just some intangible experience.

September 2, 2013

Author Interview with Andrew Lamb

Hi Andy, first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself?
I live in England with my fabulous wife and for a living I smash up cars in an attempt to make them safer (basically, I design the bits on your car which are meant to bend when someone drives into you).
At night, I become an Imaginaut and I write. I love reading and writing horror, science fiction and fantasy stories. I am also a complete super geek; I have a line-to-line photographic memory when it comes to a surprising number of horror and science fiction movies. Seriously, send me a line and chances are I’ll be able to tell you who said it and in what movie!

August 25, 2013

Author Interview with Glenn Clay

Q: Hi Glenn Clay, first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself?
A: Well I am a 24 year old guy. I am a graduate of Teays Valley High School and I live in a small town in Ohio.

Q: Why did you start writing?
A: I started writing as a newsletter writer for my small town but then it turned into a way to relieve my depression after I lost a very close loved one. 

August 18, 2013

Author Interview with Ellen Ekstrom

Hi Ellen, first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself?
I've been writing since I could hold a pencil and that's been a long time.  Presently, I work as a legal secretary to pay the bills and I'm also a clergywoman in the Episcopal Church for the Diocese of California - I serve as the parish deacon in my neighborhood church and undertake a lot of outreach to the community, which is middle-to-poor working class. I'm a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and live in Berkeley. I was influenced to write by an older sister who told me to put my imagination to work and to stop bothering her.  I started writing five-page novels complete with illustrations and sold them for a dime to our neighbors.  Once in a while, I sleep.  Early morning I wake and usually get an idea for a story.

August 11, 2013

The Lone Ranger - Movie Review

A few years ago a group of people gathered to turn a theme park ride into a movie. The movie turned out to be a huge success and made Johnny Depp into the highest paid actor in history. Now the same team returned and try to achieve the same with a typical western story… and they failed in earning their budget back, resulting in the second biggest flop for Disney in recent years, right after John Carter. Is it justified? No, because at least for me it was one of the better films of this year, ranking somewhere in the top 3. Also it seems that the movies does better outside the USA.

August 5, 2013

Life of Pi - Movie Review

Life of Pi is the unusual combine of visual stunning effects and an inspirational storytelling, instead of the well known action blockbuster. Ang Lee takes the viewers with him to the high sea, on a travel full of wonders and magic. It’s a movie that asks more question than it answers. It’s a movie that doesn’t tell you anything, but instead shows a how colorful the world could be. The question is, is this journey entertaining?

August 1, 2013

Writers Wanted For the Eat Sleep Write Podcast

Adam told me about another great Opportunity to give authors the chance to reach people. Podcast! Read here, what you need to get an podcast interview on his site.

Please take a moment to read my podcast proposal below, and if you have any interest in recording a podcast aboutyour adventures in writing, I hope to hear from you soon. I invite you to my site where you can look around and listen to some of my podcasts on EatSleepWrite.

July 28, 2013

Author Interview with Stephen Whaley + Giveaway

Hi Stephen, first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself?
Sure thing. I’m 29 years old, and I currently live in Fes, Morocco, where I handle the I.T. needs of a private American school. I’m also working on my MBA.  My hobbies are reading, writing, and anything else nerdy.

What do you think makes your genre special?
Science fiction is often a vehicle to tell great stories because not only can we describe what we imagine the future might look like, we can put characters into unique moral dilemmas that really get people thinking.

July 21, 2013

Author Interview with Dom King

Hi Dom, first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself.
I'm 30 years old and I work as a global economist by day in the UK. I play and watch a lot of sport, especially football, rugby, cricket and hockey. I have traveled extensively through Europe and Latin America as well as China and speak French, Spanish and Portuguese. I like setting myself physical challenges - over the past couple of years I climbed the three highest peaks in the UK in 24 hours and also completed a triathlon.

July 17, 2013

Now You Can See Me - Movie Review

The movie begins like Ocean’s Elevens, in which the magicians are picked up depending on their styles. We have a magician, who lost its former glory, only reduced to use his tricks to bang some girls. Also the thief who is broke and a hypnotist who acts like a smart-ass… which is hilarious by the way. The fourth member of the four horsemen is a woman who can escape from everywhere, which exists in the whole movie is reduced to be the love interest of the other members. She has absolutely no purpose. On the other hand we got the three “antagonists”. An FBI Dectictive who dislikes his job and doesn’t believe in magic. An Interpol female agent, which acts always unprofessional and has no other purpose than being his love interest. Yes, the women are only nice looking sidekicks, at best. The last one is Morgan Freeman, an ex-magician who now has a show about uncovering their tricks.

The story is split in three arcs. Every arc covers one of the shows of the four horsemen with all their nice tricks. The smaller one is explained right on the stage and give hindsight what trick they will use in their grand finale, which always resolve around the fact, that they give their audience money from several bad companies. The show and explanations are really nice and nothing unknown for people, who saw a few magic shows and they of their tricks. They make sense and are great captured by the camera. The two detectives on the hand play the role of the unknowing watcher who grasp by everything the magicians do, always just toyed with. 
The grand finals of their show on the other hand are at least possible, but look ridiculous. It's like, alright it would be possible to do in real life, but what would be the chances making it work so perfectly? None, besides some really bad computer effects that doesn’t make sense and wouldn’t be explained. It's like, the trick would never work so let us go forward and ignore the principle of explaining everything. 
At the end of the movie happens a lengthy action sequence which feels forced. It is too long and depends too much about the fact, that they fight against magician with throwing cards and “teleporting”. It's nice but not astonishing. Most of the time we get dialogues that are enlightening by  some good jokes, which are the best thing about the whole movie. The movie would have been boring without Woody Harrelson and Morgan Freeman. Jesse Eisenberg and Mark Ruffalo on the other hand didn’t do well at all. I’d expected more from such great actors.
In conclusion: 
The movies had a great idea and manages to go with it till the end with decent explaining. Nothing that happens is jaw dropping and sometimes the movie felt long, besides its 2h run. The cast is great and most of them at least act decent. They the best part of the movie. Besides the unnecessary of female characters and forced love story is the story itself interesting. The ending on the other hand is just bad. You won’t guess it, but that doesn’t mean it is a great one.

July 14, 2013

Author Interview with J. L. Petty

[Picture by Bokka

Hi J. L. Petty, first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself. 
I published my first book “Death and the Journalist” with Solstice Publishing last year.  My stories range in contemporary horror, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy fiction. Over the years, I’ve written for various magazines and have been featured as an author in several anthologies. Most recently, my work has appeared in Screem Magazine’s November issue.  I’ve also contributed a short fiction piece to Dark media online. It is called “Malice”. 

I discovered a love for writing at an early age.  As a sophomore in college, I started working as a contributor for The Virginian Pilot Newspaper. After working with the local newspaper in my hometown, I began a career in entertainment journalism; which I loved.

July 7, 2013

Author Interview with Julia Hughes

Hi Julie, first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself.
Hello Patrick, and sure thing! I'm an eldest child and walking my younger brother and sister to school and back, I'd tell them stories – a captive audience! On leaving college, I worked at the BBC, helping write stories for their "Schools' Programmes". That was back in the day, before satellite telly made it over to the UK and 'Auntie Beeb' ruled the air waves! I gave it all up for the good life, and moved down to Cornwall, one of the most beautiful counties in England, and often known as 'God's own country.' I think the greatest compliment I received was 'Julia's more Cornish than the Cornish.' I picked daffodils in winter and made pasties for the holidaymakers in the summer. But all good things come to an end: I upped sticks to be closer to my family, and landed in a little village just outside London, and have been here ever since, scribbling away at my stories. 

June 30, 2013

Author Interview with Tom Abrahams

Hi Tom, first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself?
By day, I'm a television anchor and reporter. I've been in the business for 20 years and love it. It's taken me all over the world and given me a front row seat to history. I cover a lot of issues oriented stories, including the environment, energy, education, the economy...a lot of politics. When I am not at work, I am home with my awesome wife and two great kids. They're very supportive of my work.  And they've been great at helping me carve out time to write.

June 24, 2013

Writing Tip: The Importance of Building Worlds

[A Guestpost and Image by Ben Galley]

If you’ve ever tried to write a book, you’ll have done some world-building. Whether by design, necessity, or accident, it’s essential to any novel, no matter what the genre

By definition, world-building is the act of creating a world or setting for a novel and its plot. It’s a very important task indeed. Why? Well, if you’re thinking that world-building simply refers to dreaming up the physical attributes of a room, or a city, or deciding what colour the sky should be, then think again. World-building is so much more than that. It can define characters, give life to a plot, and basically underpin every scene of a book.

June 20, 2013

Man of Steel - Movie Review

Man of Steel is Warners newest attempt to create a successful Superman movie and another DC Comic hit, beside the already ended Batman trilogy. Now they are trying the same formula with the biggest comic franchise. Expect a darker, grittier Clark Kent and an intelligent plot. You could say that the use the exact different approach than marvel, with their plotholes and humorous action movies. Did it work? No, at least not for me. The quality of Man of Steel tore me apart, because it jumps from magnificent to utter boredom within minutes, but let me explain right from the start.

June 16, 2013

Author Interview with Ben Galley (Part #3)

Welcome back to part three of my Interview with Self-Publishing Author Ben Galley about his fantasy series Emaneska. This time we will talk more about his latest books – the final two in the Emaneska Series. Part 1 / Part 2

Hi Ben and welcome back. We will get right back into the world of Emaneska. What are the last two books in the series called and could you explain to us in 20 words what they’re about?
My latest books, Dead Stars Parts 1 & 2 can be summed up in the following words: An epic, gritty, twisting, adventurous, ambitious, outlandish, poetic, emotional, deep, vast, dark, brutal, eagerly-awaited whirlwind of a series finale.

June 9, 2013

Author Interview with Ben Galley (Part #2)

Welcome back to part two of my Interview with Self-Publishing Author Ben Galley. This time we will talk more about his epic fantasy series Emaneska and how he created it. Here is Part One again for everyone who missed it.

What method did you use to start creating your own epic world? Did it come together bit for bit as the story progressed or did you carefully put each piece together?
It started off with a title, like all of my books. It seems rather clichéd to say it simply popped into my head one day, but in this case it truly did. ‘Emaneska’ was the first word I wrote of the Series. The world then grew with the characters and dialogue, until I was forced to draw a map and solidify my ideas.

June 5, 2013

Hangover 3 - Movie Review

The Wolfpack is back again to survive another ridiculous hangover, but will this be the last one. Director Todd Phillips said that he won’t direct another one and also the beloved cast members share his opinion. If Warner Bros want to milk the franchise any further, don’t expect it to be the same, which even this last movie isn’t. It feels different than the previous two, both in style and humor. But at least for me it was a worthy ending.

June 2, 2013

Author Interview with Ben Galley (Part #1)

I already did some interviews with self published authors, but none so far felt as professional as him. Not  only has he great looking and not with stockimages plastered book covers, but also an individual website. You can imagine how much he cares for his work without even reading the first line.  Now I have the honor to bring you a month full of posts about him, his thoughts and his works, which will end with a big blast, but more about that at a later time.

Hi Ben, first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Ben Galley, I’m a young fantasy writer from the UK, author of the bestselling Emaneska Series, a self-publisher, and self-publishing consultant at the advice site SHELF HELP.

May 26, 2013

Lord of the Rings and other Fantasy as Post-Apocalyptic Tales

[A Guestpost by Larry Kollar / Image by JohnnySlowHand]

(Disclaimer: as a writer, I do understand that “apocalypse” is actually a revelation, but for this article I will adopt its common meaning of an all-encompassing disaster.)

Many classic fantasy tales have a post-apocalyptic element. Of course, as for most Western-based fantasy tropes, Tolkien is the standard-setter. (Tolkien’s ages of Middle-Earth parallel Greek mythology, which named the four Ages of Man: Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Iron. I’m guessing, given his background, that this was deliberate.) The backdrop for Lord of the Rings includes two former ages, each ended by their own apocalypse. The end of the First (Golden) Age, when Morgoth was defeated, was accompanied by great destruction—it was said the lands were broken, and Beleriand began to sink into the sea. The Second (Silver) Age ended with Númenor sinking into the sea, and the formerly flat world being made round.

May 19, 2013

Author Interview with Prabh S. Mokha

Hi Prabh first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself.
I was born in London and after a few years of travelling have settled with my family in the New Zealand wilds. On the way I have undertaken corporate stints training as a Chartered Accountant in the UK and New Zealand, and I have undertaken public service stints as a volunteer for charities. At present I wear a number of hats of responsibility at a High School.

May 15, 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness - Movie Review

Finally begins the season of summer blockbusters. J. J. Abrams Version of Star Trek was a massive Hit, grossing more than any previous movie in the iteration. an incredible achievement from a man, who never watched Star Trek before getting into the production of the movie. What followed was a fresh look on an old series and lots of lens flares. No one knew at that time that this man would also become the director of the Star Wars movie, being the leading head for the two biggest Sci-Fi Franchises ever. A role that comes with great responsibility, but is he capable for that? Find out in this review about the future of at least one of the two:

Author Interview with Julian E. Farris

First of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself?
Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, an educator and now first-time novelist, I grew up among ultra-conservative  racist and homophobic attitudes during the 1950s and early 1960s and saw first-hand the corrosive effects on individuals who were different because of their skin color or sexual orientation. Two events in particular provided the tipping point in my education—the suicide of a friend at the University of Florida in 1958 during the state's purge of  gay and lesbian students and teachers, and "Ax Handle Saturday" in  August of 1960 when white supremacists with baseball bats and ax handles  attacked young black activists engaged in a sit-in. These two events influenced the next thirty years in my personal development and to the writing of my novel, The Sin Warriors.

May 11, 2013

Author Interview with Helen Howell

Hi Helen, first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself?
I live in Australia but am originally from England. I've been writing for just over four years and I write in several different genres which include fantasy, noir, horror and humour. Before I took up writing I use to paint watercolours which I exhibited at various art shows for over 18 years. When I gave that up, writing seemed to be the natural extension. Writing is really like painting pictures with words. Since I started writing I have had my work published in both e-zines and printed publications. Also some of my stories have been showcased on various blog Fests.

May 6, 2013

Standing Out in a Carbon Copy World

[A Guestpost by Cate Russell-Cole / Image by FlorentCourty]

If all writers thought and expressed themselves the same way, all books would be the same. Fortunately, they aren't. We enjoy libraries stocked with diverse characters, settings, views and approaches. There is always something new to discover. It whets our appetite for thinking outside our own style and genre.

April 28, 2013

Author Interview with Mel Chelsey

[Picture by juliedillon]

Hi Mel, first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself.
Sure! I’m a wife, mom and all around gamer chick. I love playing games like World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings online, etc. I’m a fantasy writer and I’ve been writing for a very long time now. (Don’t want to give away my age, you know.)

April 21, 2013

Submission: Judge a book by its cover

You did everything to write a masterpiece and somehow it doesn't sell at all. Even after the huge marketing campaign you only sold a few of them. The reasons for that could be really simple to avoid. It doesn't need to be that the story sucks or that it is full of grammatical errors. Most of the time it is the fault of either the cover, or the blurb doesn't catch the interests of potential readers. 

Don't judge a book by its cover may be true, but so is: I don't give books a chance which can't catch my interest.

Submission: Open Slots for Guestposts and Interviews

Hi fellow bloggers and writers!

I’m offer new opportunity's for people who are looking to write a guestpost or do an interview for my blog to promote themself. Examples can be found here: Guestposts or Interviews

Here you can find the restriction and rules for participate.

April 14, 2013

Author Interview with Genese Davis

Hi Genese, first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi Patrick. Thanks for having me. J I grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico where my interest for equestrianism and flying glider planes blossomed. College whisked me away into fashion, finance, and of course, creative writing! My favorite college highlights include studying abroad in Costa Rica for university business credit, performing in plays, and studying playwriting. 

April 7, 2013

Author Interview with Alex Shaw

Hi Alex, first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself.
I’ve been a full time stay at home dad during the day and an author at night for the past four years. In that time I’ve published two novels, two novellas, a short story and a stage-play.  I won’t go on about myself but if anyone is interested my biography is in each of my books.

What do you think makes your genre special?
The genre of thriller is the one that I most like to write in, specifically military & espionage thriller. I was inspired by all the SAS books that became popular after the first Gulf War. My Aidan Snow ‘Hetman’ series of thrillers follows the adventures of a former member of the SAS now working as a black operative for MI6 (or SIS to give it its correct title).

April 1, 2013

Avatar The Legend of Korra - What's next? (Part2)

This is the last post about the Avatar Series for a long while, probably till the next season is shown. It was a great experience to write several post dedicated to one whole topic. This way I could remind myself about these great moments and what i liked and the tiniest bits I disliked about the series.

This time I focus a bit more on the "Behind the Scences Part" for the next season, which was a really interesting look. It's cool to see a bit of the process.

<--- Preview Sketch by Walterka

March 24, 2013

Avatar The Legend of Korra - What's next? (Part1)

Book 1 - Wind of Legend of Korra ended with a sugar coated ending, in which nothing is left to solve anymore. Korra regained her power, got the connection to her previous incarnations, Mako choose her and the antagonist Amon is probably dead.

So the question is what is left for Korra and her gang to do in the next season? The Short Answer would be: A lot! The longer one follows:

<--- Preview Sketch by moxie2D

March 17, 2013

Oz: The Great and Powerful - Movie Review

One of the first movies that introduced 3D effects to a wider audience was in the prequel Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton. Now the people involved in that one are back again with another take on an old fairy tale, only without Tim Burton. This time Sam Raimi (known for the Spiderman trilogy) gets the chance to show us a beautiful world of wonders and magic and American flags. (Just kidding, there aren’t any flags…) Oz: The Great and Powerful shows us the journey of Oscar, a cheap trickster and how he became the most powerful wizard in Oz.