April 21, 2013

Submission: Judge a book by its cover

You did everything to write a masterpiece and somehow it doesn't sell at all. Even after the huge marketing campaign you only sold a few of them. The reasons for that could be really simple to avoid. It doesn't need to be that the story sucks or that it is full of grammatical errors. Most of the time it is the fault of either the cover, or the blurb doesn't catch the interests of potential readers. 

Don't judge a book by its cover may be true, but so is: I don't give books a chance which can't catch my interest.

I want to help fellow authors to improve their books to find more potential readers. If you want help, you can send me your book cover and blurb to criticize. You will be featured on the blog with the suggested improvements. 

You should only participate if you can live with a critique that doesn't is a hymn of praise. I will be considerate but clear, what I think could be the problem with your book. You don't need to follow my suggestion. They also will be visible on my blog and won't be deleted afterwards

- only ONE book/ebook is allowed
- only fiction ebooks/books are allowed
- no mature content within or as a cover is allowed 
- only books that are at least half a year old are allowed
- only your own written books are allowed

If your book fulfills the rules above, write me an e-mail to:
PSatters (at) gmail (dot) com

 Please include the following in the e-mail:
- Title of the book:
- Genre:
- Author name:
- Release date:
- Total sold copies:
- Cover:
- Blurb/Description:

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