June 5, 2013

Hangover 3 - Movie Review

The Wolfpack is back again to survive another ridiculous hangover, but will this be the last one. Director Todd Phillips said that he won’t direct another one and also the beloved cast members share his opinion. If Warner Bros want to milk the franchise any further, don’t expect it to be the same, which even this last movie isn’t. It feels different than the previous two, both in style and humor. But at least for me it was a worthy ending.

Alan (the guy with a bit more love stuff in him), is the whole course of the troublesome trip. After his symptoms shown from the previous worsen they wolf pack meets again to bring him into a clinic. He would never go alone there and therefore the crew joins him and on their way everything changes, turning into a disaster like the other ones. Sounds quite the same, but it isn’t. They are fully aware of their troubles and don’t need to pursuit actions taking during their drunk time. There is no hangover and therefore the story feels better constructed and not like some freaking and mysterious events popping up out of nowhere.  It feels different, but for a story loving someone like me it was a nice change. I don’t want to spoil anything about the story, but the film is a hangover in a style that you would never have guessed. I couldn’t even find picture that wouldn’t spoil anything, but maybe the jokes aren’t that obvious in them…

Also the whole shots of the movie have a wider span, feeling more like a big movie than the simply captured first one, that felt more like as it was shot with a mobilphone camera. There are some freaky moments that are quite a shock, but not nearly as many ones as before. The humor this time is more realistic and based around Alans attitude, who is the total center of the movie. The next person who the story focuses on is Chow, the crazy naked Asian who became a culture hit by fans. At least their massive amount of screen time was one reason for me to like it more. There were so many new aspects and layer added to those two that you never see them coming from an absolutely different angle again and again. Another new feature of the film is that it flawlessly connects situation from the past two movies and add details to them to better understand the grand scope of the third.

The actor themselves are no different from before. All have their lovely roles which are the same since the beginning without getting bored with them. Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms (the guy with the glasses) have far less to do but I don’t think that it harms the movie. Those both are the conscience of the group and would have bound the story to a more realistic space, which would indeed be bad for this style. A new member is John Goodman who plays the villain. He fits well but is more a plot changer than a character who cracks jokes.

Its the same as it was with the batman trilogy. The first was an unexpected hit, the second astonishing and the third is the same, in a different way that die hard fans won’t recognize as anything great.

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  1. I personally don't favor this kind of movie very much. But I would like to watch the comedy genre from time to time to relax my mind a little bit.