July 17, 2013

Now You Can See Me - Movie Review

The movie begins like Ocean’s Elevens, in which the magicians are picked up depending on their styles. We have a magician, who lost its former glory, only reduced to use his tricks to bang some girls. Also the thief who is broke and a hypnotist who acts like a smart-ass… which is hilarious by the way. The fourth member of the four horsemen is a woman who can escape from everywhere, which exists in the whole movie is reduced to be the love interest of the other members. She has absolutely no purpose. On the other hand we got the three “antagonists”. An FBI Dectictive who dislikes his job and doesn’t believe in magic. An Interpol female agent, which acts always unprofessional and has no other purpose than being his love interest. Yes, the women are only nice looking sidekicks, at best. The last one is Morgan Freeman, an ex-magician who now has a show about uncovering their tricks.

The story is split in three arcs. Every arc covers one of the shows of the four horsemen with all their nice tricks. The smaller one is explained right on the stage and give hindsight what trick they will use in their grand finale, which always resolve around the fact, that they give their audience money from several bad companies. The show and explanations are really nice and nothing unknown for people, who saw a few magic shows and they of their tricks. They make sense and are great captured by the camera. The two detectives on the hand play the role of the unknowing watcher who grasp by everything the magicians do, always just toyed with. 
The grand finals of their show on the other hand are at least possible, but look ridiculous. It's like, alright it would be possible to do in real life, but what would be the chances making it work so perfectly? None, besides some really bad computer effects that doesn’t make sense and wouldn’t be explained. It's like, the trick would never work so let us go forward and ignore the principle of explaining everything. 
At the end of the movie happens a lengthy action sequence which feels forced. It is too long and depends too much about the fact, that they fight against magician with throwing cards and “teleporting”. It's nice but not astonishing. Most of the time we get dialogues that are enlightening by  some good jokes, which are the best thing about the whole movie. The movie would have been boring without Woody Harrelson and Morgan Freeman. Jesse Eisenberg and Mark Ruffalo on the other hand didn’t do well at all. I’d expected more from such great actors.
In conclusion: 
The movies had a great idea and manages to go with it till the end with decent explaining. Nothing that happens is jaw dropping and sometimes the movie felt long, besides its 2h run. The cast is great and most of them at least act decent. They the best part of the movie. Besides the unnecessary of female characters and forced love story is the story itself interesting. The ending on the other hand is just bad. You won’t guess it, but that doesn’t mean it is a great one.

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