April 21, 2013

Submission: Open Slots for Guestposts and Interviews

Hi fellow bloggers and writers!

I’m offer new opportunity's for people who are looking to write a guestpost or do an interview for my blog to promote themself. Examples can be found here: Guestposts or Interviews

Here you can find the restriction and rules for participate.
I hope that I can help fellow blogger and writer in the struggle to gain a fanbase, as other people helped me also over time.

A bit about this blog. Since starting it a year ago around 30.000 people visited it, which means around 50-100 visitors daily. The most visited post gained a huge popularity of 2.000 unique visits. Several Authors already took the chance to promote themselves. New people discovered their works and they got the possibility for new interviews from fellow bloggers. It all depends on how interesting your post is, but the possibilities are unlimited.

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