May 15, 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness - Movie Review

Finally begins the season of summer blockbusters. J. J. Abrams Version of Star Trek was a massive Hit, grossing more than any previous movie in the iteration. an incredible achievement from a man, who never watched Star Trek before getting into the production of the movie. What followed was a fresh look on an old series and lots of lens flares. No one knew at that time that this man would also become the director of the Star Wars movie, being the leading head for the two biggest Sci-Fi Franchises ever. A role that comes with great responsibility, but is he capable for that? Find out in this review about the future of at least one of the two:

Star Trek starts right off the bat with an action scene and a few heroic shots. Great one-liners one after another. Yes, you are right into the story the moment it starts and never lets you go. There isn’t one moment of boredom. Each highlight gets followed by an even bigger one. Some of them are expected twists, at least for someone who watches many movies and even some other were totally unexpected, but fitted perfectly. The story may not win a prize for originality, (Hint: Dark Knight, James Bond: Skyfall, Marvel Avengers) but never disappoints. There are some parts with lots of dialogue but even those serve every time a great purpose. Either containing jokes, metaphors or simply progressing the plot. I only found a few plot holes, which doesn’t harm the story too much. Hardcore Star Trek Fans will find a lot of references to old stories, but a few new changes could disappoint them. One is the origin of the villain, but I’m not too into the Star Trek canon to measure the flaws within the continuation. This and the few plot holes are actually the only bad thing about the movie… not that much, isn’t it? A lot of movies have great actors or good camera perspectives. This one tops them all. The actors are not only great but perfect. Each one has an important role that doesn’t feel forced. Also their performance is flawless, creating rich and nostalgic characters. The chemistry and relationship were engaging, hilarious, simply exciting. Even with this perfectly cast is a man who outperformed all of them. Benedict Cumberbach plays the villain/hero (decide which for yourself) magnificent, like he did previously with Sherlock and the dragon Smaug. One of my favorite actors who is truly a genius. I can’t tell more about his role and his importance but let me say one thing, he will surprise you.

Star Trek: into Darkness is also available in 3D, but was converted. This fact at least doesn’t amount to much. Only the characters and a few gadgets are real. Most of the things come straight out of the computer and can easily used for 3D, which makes the 3D effects great, but don’t expect things flying at you. The effects in the whole movies are stunning, both in impact and art design. Each place can be easily distinguished by its color grade. We got a dark London, bright San Francisco and several places in outer space, like the red one. What else is there left to say? The music fits the scenes and does what great music should do. You won’t recognize any track of it, but just because it supports the picture instead of let you focus solely on the music itself. The length with 2hrs felt short, but that’s alright. I want it fast over instead to be bored. Besides the length is typical for films, recently seen by Iron Man 3. In conclusion: The film is one of the kind that won’t change the movie genre itself, but I will be damned if it doesn’t do its job perfectly. It’s the kind of movie that appears at most every 3 years. The last movie that did so well was Inception and even this one is now 5 years old. Just saying that Superman and The Hobbit 2 will have a hard time to outdo J.J. Abrams most terrific movie till now. His new Star Wars movie can come.

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  1. Love this review and I suspect I will agree (I will be seeing it this evening.) I have loved the Star Trek universe for years, for the hopeful possibilities of its raison d'etre. And the bond between the varied characters has been inspiring (and I am happy to see that this new version is keeping that beautifully). It's rather refreshing that J.J. Abrams came to this without initially being a Star Trek fan. I hope this franchise continues for a long time and inspires the next few generations in a multitude of ways.