November 14, 2013

Thor: The Dark World - Movie Review

Some years ago Thor fought against Loki with his Avenger Friends destroying nearly half of New York. Now he is back again to fight a new evil villain with his beloved brother who tries to destroy the whole universe. What could possibly go wrong on the journey of these two gods? A lot of things and that’s why this movie is the best marvel one so far… and of course because Loki plays a major role. Actually its only because of Loki. They should have named the movie “Loki and a bit of Thor” instead.

The ancient and evil race of the Dark Elf fought against the Asen in an epic battle. There is no hope for them to win so Malekith the leader chose to destroy his own race to guarantee a win. All that happened some generations ago. Now Thor saved the 9 realms from destruction and Loki is imprisoned  in Asgard. Jane Foster lived alone for two years and yearns for Thor, trying to find him again. On her way she finds the Aether an ancient weapon capable of ruling the universe. Malekith awakes again and tries to find her so he will destroy the Asgardians once and for all. There is only one way to stop him, but Thor needs the help from his brother Loki for that. Can he really trust him?

You may expect it, but the story itself is plagued with plot holes and unbalanced forces. The Dark Elfs are shown as inferior fighters at the beginning, but somehow are stronger in the current time even though they slept for thousands of years. Malekith as the same problem that nearly all marvel villains have. He is not powerful. Actually he is quite weak losing against a mere woman and nearly dies in the middle without putting on much of a fight. The better part of the movie is obviously the relationship between Thor and Loki. You don’t know what Loki will do and Tom Hiddleston plays his role perfectly. The whole movie you will root for him and be unhappy every moment you don’t see him on the silver screen. He got the best jokes, moments and is the only one who creates plot twists you won’t see coming. Especially the ending let me anticipate the sequel.

Another thing the movie does great are the funny moments. There is so much humor going on that you won’t stop laughing. Especially the work of the human side has so many funny things going on and that’s the problem. The setting and style of the movie is dark and gritty. We always see dark particles floating around, smoke and ashes. There is a setting in which everything is burned down. All of this is supported by an epic score letting all the happenings feel epic. The funny parts instead take a lot of seriousness away. Its feels like the movie itself doesn’t know what it wants. If you let the hero fight the villain then you shouldn’t let him do slapstick. I won’t fear him anymore or take his beliefs seriously. That is quite bothersome, because the movies would have done such a great job being dark, but marvel didn’t want to take the risk to make a movie without jokes.
The best about the movie, besides Loki is neither the story nor the jokes. It is the visual style. I love the new fantasy setting. Lord of the Rings is the only fantasy film that felt big and Thor archive to do the same. The worlds are rich and stunning. Especially the design of the Dark Elfs is original and awesome. I don’t know the last time I fell in love just with the visuals direction of a movie. Maybe in Harry Potter  7 – Part 2 with the short story of the 3 brothers fighting death itself. The visual graphic effects are the best movies currently have to offer. Nearly nothing of the movie is done without them. You always see explosions, fiction worlds of particles. Simply said stunning and worth the 3D expierence.

Final Thought: Even though the funny parts took a lot away from the movie doesn’t mean it is bad. It just could be so much better, but even though of this deficit is the movie the best one from marvel so far. He has such great scenes and a visual art style that is stunning. I can recommend this movie to any one who like comic adaptions or just want to enjoy some epic battles. Who can’t get enough of Loki probably saw it, otherwise you should run to the next cinema. It will take a long time till we see him again, if ever again… or maybe don’t so long? Go and see it for yourself!

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  1. Good review. I am inspired to this installment.