July 28, 2012

Dark Knight Rises - Movie Review (Spoilers Marked)

This year comes the conclusion the Nolan-Saga that the fans have long awaited. Who expects a better film than the brilliant predecessor, will be disappointed. The last part of this series can not reach its heights. Why this is the case, you can read in this review. The story begins eight years after the second part. The peace returned to Gotham City and Batman retired, but a villain again begins to threaten the city. Now is more the time then ever that Batman is needed, to rescue Gotham of the hands of the ruthless mercenary called Bane. In difference to Joker, who symbolized Chaos, tries bane to archive anarchy through calculation. He give the people of Gotham many possibilities to hope for the better so he can crush them even more. His characterization is a double edged sword. For once, he is different than the joker and attacks Batman in different ways than him. On the other hand, were joker does all kind of crazy things all of a sudden, banes calculated everything, which makes all of his moves expected.

July 17, 2012

Author Interview with T. Michelle Nelson + Giveaway

Hi Michelle, first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself.  
Hi Patrick, thanks for having me.  I’m the author of Life and Death of Lily Drake, a mom, a wife and I work full-time. 
What do you think makes your genre special?  
What I love about paranormal romance is typically the novels are set in a normal world with these fantastic supernatural elements.  They also tend to cross genres into science-fiction or horror.

July 4, 2012

Q&A with Rosalind Smith-Nazilli

Hi Rosalind, first of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself.
Hello Patrick and thank you for interviewing me.
I have always been a writer in one way or another but until I moved out to live in Turkey I didn't have the time to pursue it fully. I am originally from the UK. Since retiring from nursing and taking on an almost completely stress free lifestyle, I am free to give my ideas the attention they have been craving. I am approaching my fifty seventh year (shock, horror) and married to a wonderful man.

What do you think makes your genre special?
I write mostly flash fiction, a genre I feel still not fully accepted by some. A story in fifty words is a challenge and one I really enjoy.