August 1, 2013

Writers Wanted For the Eat Sleep Write Podcast

Adam told me about another great Opportunity to give authors the chance to reach people. Podcast! Read here, what you need to get an podcast interview on his site.

Please take a moment to read my podcast proposal below, and if you have any interest in recording a podcast aboutyour adventures in writing, I hope to hear from you soon. I invite you to my site where you can look around and listen to some of my podcasts on EatSleepWrite.
Talk about your editing/writing adventures, Record a podcast. I can send you my syllabus for Eat Sleep Write, which is a very informative guide to being a great radio guest. 
Engage your readership with us, gain new readers and build your brand. Get read more. Get listened to by 36,000+ guaranteed book/reader visitors per month.

A new feature coming up will be roundtable discussions by writers. I will act as guide, but during the roundtable podcasts, the writers will be driving the train.

Some thoughts:
You have to be where your audience is.. That's a lesson every business must heed, and writing
is a business. You are now charged with a new job requirement for your book: Record a podcast.
You want to get on a podcast as soon as possible, so never turn down an invitation to be interviewed.
The printed word can only tell you what the page can express with ink, but the spoken word has that added dimension of the  life force of the breath of the person.
As writers, we love to write, but not everyone loves to read. When we just write, we miss the opportunity to connect with people in a more powerful, influential, emotional, intimate and impactful way with your voice.

If you want to participate, visit his blog and write him an e-mail. EatSleepWrite
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