March 22, 2014

My 100# Blog Post: My Experiences so far

A long time ago in a far away galaxy… oh, wrong movie. Star Wars 7 is all over my mind but today I want to talk about my own little universe: My Blog. Instead of looking what happened after the first year mark or any other time related milestone I instead choose to wait for my 100 post to write a little recap about my experience as a blogger.

The beginning was harsh. I got around 30-50 views each topic till the ratings exploded and reached the heights of around 500 ones. I actually didn’t change anything of my style. I write even now about Movies, TV-Series and writing related stuff. I’m so far into that other writer ask me to be featured on my blog. I’m glad to help them out even though those posts are typically low tier meaning around 200-500 views. Movies take the biggest part of visits in relation to their own marketing efforts. A Marvel movie gains me more visitors as a B-Movie. Especially movies that come out in germany before America get me a lot of views. Those are far more of those than I ever thought even though they need to be synchronized and translated before. My biggest hit post are writing related stuff even if they start slow. The reason is simple. They are good advices and interested pieces that are relevant all the time. People read them and share them even though they are years old. A movie instead don’t gain more visits after some weeks, only in special cases like the blue-ray release or a successor movie. My reviews also appear in an online e-magzine called “Miracle”. Look into it. As far as I remember it is free and really good. I’m proud to be featured as a non-native speaker. Sometimes I’m not that confident in my english skills but it looks like I do quite well so far.

The only thing that drives me mad is the comment section. I don’t get many comments which is sad to see especially if you know the reason is the account restriction. Mostly people with google accounts and some obscure services can comment. Huge players like facebook are left out from blogspot (company from google) which results in so less comments. There are merely 110 comments by 100 posts. That’s my goal for the next 100 posts to get more of. Anyone has an idea how I can integrate twitter and facebook in my comment section? 

Twitter is a huge driving force for my blog popularity. People share and retweet my stuff all the time which is great especially because the contact is so direct with others. I really feel connected. I’m around the 100th place in regard of personal account popularity in germany. It kinda feels like cheating achieving that while writing 99% of the time in English. Obviously my reach is bigger that way.

Some stats:
- I’ve got around 60.000 visits in a 20 month time frame. That’s around 3-6 posts a month, so I’m clearly working on a weekly basis. 50 posts are interviews with other writers. 30 are movie reviews and the last 20 are blog related stuff or guest post.
- My twitter account gained a following of around 25.000 followers. Goodreads gave me another 5.000 friends who are mostly gained through twitter. My tumblr, google+ accounts are nearly dead. Facebook is the only social media I didn’t use just because I dislike it.
- From all my sub-sites the “Contact Me” has the most visits to no surprise for everyone. On the other hand who would have guessed that my short story finds readers in such a isolated place in the whole internet? It’s really short and somehow people seem to enjoy it. It also gained quite some comments.

If you have any question, critic or suggestion feel free to write them down in the comment section. I would gladly hear about my beloved readers. :-)

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