April 4, 2014

Non-Stop: Movie Review

Liam Neeson is one of the older Hollywood actors who made a huge comeback in the recent years. People believed the movie era of action flicks with griming alcoholic would be overtaken by a newer generation of Marvel superheroes who are family friendly. The youngest one would be Jason Statham, but with the success of 96Hours Liam is back better than ever. Expect another movie about a fallen hero who regains his honor and a lot of action even though everything happens on a plane.

The movie starts with our fallen hero who drinks before going off to work. He holds a band of his daughter that gives him the strength to survive another day as an Air Marshall. This time a psychopath who knows everything about him, treats him to kill a passenger every twenty minutes if he doesn’t get a ridiculous huge sum of money. Liam tries to catch him but can’t find out his identity even though the persons on board are limited and almost no one besides himself could be capable of the killings. Even the audience will doubt if there is really a terrorist or if Liam himself is the true mastermind. It develops into a nice cats and mouse game in which the ending is unsure till the end. Liam does what he always does. He is rough around the edges and somehow show in glimpses of moments sympathy as he helps to calm down a scared child and in the other break someone else nose without asking too many questions. This movie won’t present you anything new or terrific. The action is done well, but not overwhelming. Some nice scenes and tricks, but bland in comparison to a marvel one or even the Expendables. The story is interesting, but something you will forget one or two days afterwards. It even has moments of boredom to prolong the relatively short movie. It mostly plays on the plane and there it is difficult to show something new or have a change of setting.  The actors are bland in the light of Liam Neeson who nearly does everything by himself. Everyone else is there for the sake to have enough people to doubt.

The special effects are just a few that fit in the movie. Seeing text messages pop up so the viewer can read it is fun and they really tried to be as creative as possible with the presentation of it. The music fits the movie without being big. It’s just supports the movie in a subtle way. All in all the movies was done in a good way that you will most likely like it, but it's not a movie you need to see because all your friends will talk about. It’s a movie you could see if nothing else sparks your interest or you have a boring Sunday evening.


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