March 16, 2014

300: Rise of an Empire - Movie Review

Seven years ago was the comic book adaptation 300 released. At its time it was a visual juggernaut that defined the style of the genre and gave Zack Snyder his breakthrough in Hollywood. Half naked Spartans under Leonidas rule fought the god kind Xerxes. Now starts its successor in the cinema, which is the sequel, prequel and also plays at the same time. The needed much story fragments to get together a whole movie as it looks like. Was it a success? Read it here:

Themistokles is a hero in the Greek army who fought off the Persians through his valor and intelligent tactics. In the event of the battle the Persian king dies through his bow and unleashes a chain of events he would have never dreamed of. At home Xerxes the son of the dying Persian king's vow revenge to Greece till every one of them is dead. Through the help of Artemesia he becomes the god king of Persia and begins his campaign against them. He begins with the attack on Sparta, which was covered in the previous movie. At the same time Artemesia guides the marine forces to breach the Greek shore lines. She is also a Greek who was abused in her childhood and driven by wrath. No one in the world is equal to her skill with the sword and bow.

That nearly everything there is to know about the story line. Artemisa begins to send out a wave of troops who lose against the Greek under the leadership of Themistokles. This is shown in visual stunning pictures with many slow motion aspects and color correction filters. The movie feels the same as the previous one and will probably liked by all its fans. Other people won’t find anything new in it. It’s the same story and progress just with ships and whimper Greeks. 

Depending on the progression the blood differentiates. In the beginning its much thicker and comic book like, but in the end it becomes softer and feels more real. The whole movie is quite cruel and brutally in his actions. You will see a lot of arms and heads cut off or people burning, which is to no surprise a movie specially made for the eyes of adults. There is also a sex scene in it which was quite hot. Eva Green plays her role well and shows a female enemy worthy to be feared. Themistokles instead is the normal kind of hero with courage, intelligence and a pure heart. Character progression is absent and actually nobody cares. Xerxes is merely a side character who sometimes shows up to connect both movies.

The sound track was nothing extraordinary. I can’t remember any memorable scene, but at least it doesn’t have a negative effect and supported the scenes to make them more tension full. Another disappointing part is the unimaginative way of enemies. The first one had several different kinds of warriors and monsters to attack the Spartans. This one has just a little variety of enemies and even they felt all the same. The 3D aspect is good. You won’t see embarrassing scenes with stuff coming at you, but there is nothing really worth mentioning. The 3D is only there to give the viewer an easier way to connect with the movie because it feels more real. 

To no surprise the story doesn’t have any twist. The whole purpose of the film is to show how to kill people in the most styled way out there. If you love that you will love the rich ideas how to kill people, but otherwise the movie won’t be for you. For me the previous one was the better one which had at least the bonus of being new. The actor of Thermistokles announced his interest to play the role once again. The box office will show if the studio is interested to make another sequel. Currently it looks like it will.

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  1. Not perfect, but still fun if you're willing to just let your guard down for even a bit. Good review