March 5, 2014

Movie Reviews: Total Recall, Fright Night, 7 Psychos

Colin Ferrell is one of my most favored actors since his guest appearance on Scrubs. He has a recognized face even though none of his movies were ever a huge success. Somehow he appears all the time with original and interesting projects. He really is an actor who plays different roles. From the loveable guy to the badass villain. Here are some of his newest ones:

Fright Night

Fright Night is a movie that flew under my nose. I never knew it existed and that’s probably the result of bad marketing. The movie stars Colin Ferrell as a blood lusty vampire as we knew them in the old days. He can’t enter houses without invitations, burns in the light and need to be pierced through his heart with a plug. The violence is not so bloody but better said bizarre. Every time a vampire gets attacked and survives he twists and curls himself in disgust looking ways. This happens quite often because Colin never dies, he just comes back again and again. This takes a lot of dramatic out and feels repetitive. Sometimes I wondered when the movie ends just to discover that I only progressed a bit over the first half. The movie has good points and nice vfx for a low budget movie, but nothing will tension full happens. There are no scenes you will remember, or character to care for. The best of the cast is Christopher Mintz-Plasse known as the villain in the two Kickass movies.

7 Psychos

The movie was quite bizarre as expected from a British one. The movie begins with some guy stealing dogs to make a profit with the lost reward paid by the owners. The problem is that they catch one of a mafia boss who isn’t amused. Colin Ferrell is separated from this story arc and tries to write a new screenplay about psychopaths. He watches the conflict evolve into a big massacre. There is enough blood on screen that you could mistake it for a Tarantino movie. There are also some good jokes if you like dark humor. The beginning with is weird setting is interesting but as the story unfolds you realize more and more that there was never a deep meaning or a connection you simply didn’t understand. The movie just ends with many people dead. This makes the second half quite boring plastered with too much dialogue and nearly no plot. The cast is great with Christopher Walken and Woody Harrelson. Expected something better a insider tip but it wasn’t. Damn…

Total Recall

The Total Recall reboot was one of the biggest surprises I ever watched. I didn’t expect anything and was amazed by the details Len Wiseman put into this future world. There are so many original ideas in every corner of the scenes to discover that actually feel harmonic. It isn’t a forced feature but something natural. You will believe that the world could actually look like that in the future. The director also has a hand for beautiful shots and action scenes. Even though there won’t be off the scope scenes known out of the many Marvel movies it always feel dramatic and refreshing. The story is also interesting. I don’t know the original but the reboot catches my interest. In the beginning you won’t know what is true and feel with the misunderstood protagonist. The dialogue is pretty sharp with some words related to our own world that will let you think. The only thing that was disappointing after all these beloved parts was the typical Hollywood ending. The actors were all great and a really good cast involving Bryan Cranston known as Walter White in Breaking Bad and the two hot actresses Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale.

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