Can you give me a free copy of your book for review purposes? 
Just click on the "ARC Request" button at the top sidebar and fill out the form. It's really as easy as that. Make sure that you don't miss anything, otherwise I can't send you one.
What project are you currently working on?
I'm working on various projects all the time. The ones that are progressed the most can be seen on "Works in Progress". But I assure you, not each one is mentioned there and that many more will follow.

I love your stories! They are incredible. Would you like to write the next one together with me?
First of all I am really interested in working together with fellow authors, but only if they take it seriously and professionally. I have already met more than enough people who stopped in the middle for no reason and I really need to be sure that you aren’t one of them. Also some believe to find in me the person who will simply write down their incredible ideas, as I don’t already have enough myself. So if you are really interested in working together, then just write me an e-mail (information can be found under “Contact Me” at the top sidebar) and I’m sure we will try it out.
I'm a book blogger and would love to interview you. Are you interested in it? 
I would be glad to get interviewed by you. It's such an honor that people are interested in me. Just send me an e-mail, which can be found under "Contact Me" in the sidebar at the top. It's in the best interested for us both if you also send me everything you need, be it links to various accounts, images of me and my works or excerpts. This way the result will be faster available to the readers.
I like your posts and would wish to have one of it on my own blog. Could you write a guest post for me?
Of course I can, but it depends on my time and my interest. Just send me an email with your blog url, possible time frame, terms and a topic suggestion, preferable more than one.

I saw an author interview on your blog. Could  you also interview me please? I also would love to write a guestpost for your blog.
Sure, just carefully read the rules and you will see yours online as soon as a slot is free for it. You can find all the needed information on the top bar under “Interview & Guestpost Request”. Please read the rules carefully, because I don't have time to run after everything that is missing.
I like your blog and want to swap links with you on my blogroll. How can I convince you to do the same?
I'm pretty sure that I would like to do it, but I don't have a blogroll and won't have one anytime soon. Therefore I must decline your kind offer.
You are such a great author. Could you read my book and review it? I really want to hear your opinion.
I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I don't review books and believe me, even if I would do that, you wouldn't want to get one from me
Is it allowed to write a Fan Fiction story based on your works?
All Fan Fiction about my stories is not allowed, but I'm willing to ignore this violation of the copyright under two conditions. 1) It is pointed out that it is based on my story and that it is not officially made by me. 2) It is available for free and also serves no other money profitable business.
Why do you write movie reviews? I thought you were a writer and not a movie critic?
I am, but I also like movies! Most of the time I watch them on the launch day or even before that and want to share my opinion about them. Another thing is that a lot of people asked me about movies and this way, everyone can read my response.