April 22, 2015

Top 5 Jonny Depp Movies

Johnny Depp is one of the most famous actors and the highest ranking of all of them, in box office and salary. There is probably no one in the world that doesn’t recognize his face, especially women. 
Over the years he played many roles, with around 1-3 movies coming out every year, like Rango, Lone Ranger, Alice in Wonderland and many more. 
This is a list of my most favorite movies with him, but of course there are many more worth watching with him.

5. Place: From Hell
From Hell is an exciting Thriller about the Killings of Jack the Ripper, which fascinates the minds of generations. There are a lot of mysteries revolving him and From Hell is one of the movies that portray this superbly. It's one of Johnnys older movies, which means it was dark and gruesome.

4. Place: Corpse Bride
I love Tim Burton and how he did Nightmare before Christmas. First I thought this movie would be a sequel, is it done in the same style, but instead it was a new original movie. Even though Johnny is acting out the role this time, it even feels this way just by simply hearing his voice. The movie is a sweet love story in a childish way that let you feel warm.

3. Place: Blow
Blow is another older movie with Johnny Depp where he played quite different roles in small movies, not being the most successful actor of all time. He played in difficult roles in quite dark movies. This time is becoming a drug lord with all the bad things you could imagine.

2. Place: Pirates of the Caribbean - Series
Pirates of the Caribbean is the series for which we will remember Johnny, which is bad and good in its own way. Captain Jack Sparrow is such a fascinating character who is beloved around the world. Each movie has great moments and were done in a way none other than Johnny Depp can portray. He always plays a slightly homosexual liar, but even that has so much more charisma than nearly all people in the world. It's like he speaks some magical words to lure you in. On the other hand Johnny is forced to return to this role, without having the possibility to reach out to new kind of characters. The compromise to return to the franchise once in the while is the optimal thing for everyone. That’s why I’m eager to expect the next installment.

1. Place: Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow is my most beloved movie with Johnny Depp. You can clearly see is starting point into his roles like Captain Jack Sparrow and the Mad Hatter, but additionally with a dark twisted story. Ichabod Crane is such a sympathetic guy. The audience feels for him how he tries to solve the mystery about the headless rider. Instead of being brave he is as lousy as we all are, but instead goes further down the road to accomplish his goal. We struggle with him and that’s why I love this movie.

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