December 26, 2012

Movies 2013: My Expectations (Part 2 of 2)

Hello back again for the second half of the upcoming movie year. This time I have a bit less actually material but a lot of big names and much more excitement for each of them. If you see this post for the first time then I can only recommend to look into PART 1, for all the others. Have fun with my list and be sure to tell me your opinions about my selections.

After Earth - June, 7

This one has a lot of nice names in it. We have M. Night Shyamalan, cult director of Sixth Sense and a bunch of flops and the man who desperately uses himself to give his son a chance in Hollywood Will Smith and his Son Jayden. It feels forced to see both of them, like he wouldn't get the role without his father but he was quite good in Karate Kid and could have managed it himself. On the other side we have another Sci-Fi one which doesn't feel as good as the other this year. Somehow Sci-Fi seems to be the next BIG THING in 2013. The story itself is a lot like I Am Legend, but greener. This time the earth is a lot older and overtaken by nature and its dangerous new species. Again he tries to survive alone, but instead of a dog he has his child on his journey. Does it sound exciting, no, at least not to me. Smith and Shyamalan were once guaranteed hits, but not anymore. We will see if they can overcome this together. Trailer

Man of Steel - June, 14

Christopher Nolan had a huge success with his realistic take on with Batman. After the disastrous Green Lantern tries DC and Warner to make another adaptation of Superman, which never really hit it off, but this time in a more realistic look. I am not that fond of the concept of Superman himself, which doesn't feel fit into the formula. A man with super powers should be as fragile as an old batman who is just a mere human? I'm interested to see how it is done by Zack Snyder but not that much that I need to watch the movie in the cinema. There is a lot going in the Summer Slot time and Superman was never my favorite Action Hero and that won't change now, but perhaps after the movie? Time will tell...  


World War Z - June, 21

It's the first film in a long while with Brad Pitt that actually looks interesting. Since a while ago he took the part of George Clooney in only doing serious stuff with character roles. This time he is back again with a movie full of action, at least that is what the trailer is suggesting. The effects look good enough and Zombies are always a win. Normally a sure thing to watch, if it wouldn't be a month packed with many other quality movies. A nice thing to know, Tom Cruise should have gotten the role but couldn't, because of his many others he was doing at that time.

Mentionable notice for June: Kick Ass 2 (because of the lack of actual content)

Lone Ranger - July, 3

Cowboys aren't that much to my liking. It's just a genre I'm not that interested in, but that one took me by surprise. After hearing the words Gore Verbinski, Jerry Bruckheimer, Disney and Comic Adaption I thought we would get a Lucky Luck like the movie, but that's actually not the case. Instead we get a gritty and dark version of heroes in an explosive overtone action movie with ridiculous situations. It's like Transformers meets Cowboys and I love to see Johnny Depp in a darker film. I loved him in his older films and want such one once in a while. BUT if it doesn't change to the trailer I won't like him in this one. His talking sounds weird. I hope the German synchronization makes it different, but that's just my vain hope.

Pacific Rim - July, 13

Guillermo del Toro has a lot in common with Peter Jackson. Both of them a somewhat round and little, but they also great filmmaker, at least the latter one. I liked his take on Hellboy and Pans Labyrinth but this movie looks exactly like Transformer with less exciting action scene. I hope that the cause of it the not finished production for the scenes so the trailer looks flat, but if that is not the case I don't see hope in it. The story is plain and originality is nowhere to be found. He may have more up his sleeves or he may be not suited for big budget productions and should go to his roots and make fantastic movies with lots of make up and costumes. We will see, but I'm highly skeptical after the trailer that this one will end good. Trailer

Mentionable notice for July: Wolverine, the Smurfs 2, Despicable Me 2

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones - August, 2

Another movie for teenage girls. This time it takes the root of Hunger Games, set in a dystopian world filled with Angels and Demons, which of course the main heroine will fall in love with. Somehow she is the only one with a mysterious power to save the world. Sounds familiar? Yes, nothing new and nothing different. Not sure if I will watch that one or if it will be played later as 6pm in my cinema. You can tell me if there is anything special about the series or if it is really just jump on the mainstream train.

Mentionable notice for august: Red 2, 300: Rise of Empire (which name got changed to a more mainstream one) and Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters (which I never thought would get made after the failed first one...)

Mentionable notice for September: Actually none, doesn't look so good that month. Maybe it will change in the future.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill - October, 4

Finally it is made. Such a long wait till it was made with specially done stories by Frank Miller to fill the movie. I hope it will be as good as the first one, because it will lack the experience of the "new" art style and the lack of well known stories. Not much to say about this one, but it's nonetheless highly anticipated by me.

Mentionable notice for October: The Worlds End, Paranormal Activity 5 (which success I never understood is based on...)

The last months aren't filled properly with information to no one's surprise, but there are a few names looking out for like:

Thor: The Dark World, Hunger Games - Catching Fire and the most anticipated of all the upcoming ones after the huge success in the recent time: The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug.

I hope you are as eager as I am for the next year. I wish all of you a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year.    

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