December 18, 2012

Movies 2013: My Expectations (Part 1 of 2)

The year nears its ending and I use the chance to look forward, to a point we will never reach but hopefully will come. The next year of movies looks as exciting as every year and most of them will disappoint the audience with their brilliantly made trailer and marketing efforts for obvious facts like a actual storyline and bad acting. But what movies are worth to keep an eye on? Here is the first half of my list for the next year:

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunter - January, 18
The movie was pushed back after the resonance of the test audience, not because it was bad but to specific if it should get bloodier. The result looks like they managed it. A gritty take on the beloved Grim Story, which somehow is the recent trend in Hollywood. I like the hellish look and gruesome take on a children's story and might watch it, but at least I'm more interested in it than I was at the Huntsman. 


Warm Bodies - February, 1

Another take on the newly discovered audience of teenage girls. Another try to recycle the same story with just a different monster. After Werewolfs, Vampires comes now the Zombie. In some months we probably will see a movie Adaption of Amanda Hockings Troll saga Trylle. After watching the trailer I thought the Zombie character felt weird. First he acts stupid, just like a zombie, which I actually liked, but somehow in the middle it changes to a normal person with very ugly skin color. Maybe they couldn't make it interesting without him acting normal? In the end, that's one hyped story I want to see for myself through the lack of originality.  Trailer

Oz: The Great and Powerful - March, 18

After the enormous successes of Alice in Wonderland the producers of it trying to fill their pockets again. This time with the help of Sam Raimi, who wanted to much of it and didn't get the chance to direct another one of Spiderman. Yeah I'm a bit unfair about it but it looks just like Tim Burtons one, which is great enough for me. It don't need to be original if it is well executed and by the first look of the trailer that seems to be the case. James Franco is such a great actor and I love the artistic style. the movie is one I highly anticipated by me to be watched on day 1. The only thing to do now is to wait for it and to watch out for American flags in the background.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation - March, 29
That one has another ridiculous back story. The movie was intended to be released on June 29, 2012, but was pushed back to next year after the test screening. Normally that isn't a good thing if it sucked that much that the studio don't want to take the risk but this one had a different reason. One of the main characters died in the first third of the movie and no one liked that. He was the best part of the movie so they needed time to change that. They captured a lot of parts of the movie again and changed the script. If that isn't a comeback, then I don't know which one could be one. The movie itself is not that much in my interest, because I thought the previous was mediocre and I prefer to watch OZ instead. Trailer

Mentionable notice for march: Jack the Giant Slayer

Oblivion - April, 19

I liked Tom Cruise even though he is a member of Scientology, but he was in a slump for a long time. Now after Mission Impossible 4 he is back again to his old glory and this movie will be one of the reasons to get a closer look at him. Oblivion is one of the few interesting Sci-Fi stories out there that look astonishing. The vehicle and the world look both interesting. Also I like the setting of the lonely wolf as it was done before in movies like "I am Legend". I have high hopes for it that I will be as good as Minority Report, which is part of my all time favorites.

Mentionable notice for April: Scary Movie 5, Pain&Gain

Iron Man 3 - May, 3

I'm sorry, but I never understood the love for marvel movies. All of them work around the same principle. First they start loosely with some funny jokes and end with the big bang and one time enemy, which never was announced before and just looses in a ridiculous boring fight. There are no real showdowns and that goes especially for the Iron Man franchise. If not the great Robert Downey Jr. would play him then it wouldn't be this successful. This time they actually used one of the well known villains and hopefully Ben Kingsley will nail him down. I have faith in him to change my opinion about this franchise. Trailer

Star Trek: Into Darkness - May, 13

I never was into Star Trek but my father was. We watched the movie and it was pretty good. Besides the obvious overuse of lens flares the movie itself had a funny story and the introduction of the cast even for beginners like me. For the nerds it was a nice retake on their beloved franchise. This time they need to be epic and to show us something great, because they won't have the bonus of being "new". I watched the trailer and thought, hmm... is that really Star Trek? It feels like Transformers with different characters. I just hope that they stay true to their roots and make another great flick like the first one. 

Mentionable notice for may: Fast and Furious 6, Epic, Hangover Part 3

Tell me which of these movies picked your interest and if I choose the wrong ones. Also keep up with the blog and the second part of the list.   

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  1. I'm very excited for Oz, the Great and Powerful and actually think Warm Bodies will be pretty good. I've never read the Warm Bodies book, but the movie could surprise us. I hope it's not as "Twilight" as some of the trailers make it seem.

    1. I don't know that either about Warm Bodies if it is too much alike to Twilight, but at least that's the audience they try to reach and they may forced the script to work like that.

      Oz is indeed my favorite in this part of the list. I love these fairy tales and it looks fantastic. Watch out for the second part of the list, which will follow right after Christmas. :)