January 3, 2014

Movie Ranking 2013

The year is over and with it goes by a great year with many good movies.  I watched around 15 of them and made a ranking of the best 10. See yourself if you have the same opinion or find something interesting to watch next year on blue-ray. 

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This is the year of Benedict Cumberbatch. The third movie of one of my most beloved actors that took a place in my ranking even though it was by a small margin winning against Oz: the Great and Powerful and Now You Can See Me. It’s a bit of a documentary with a interesting story about real life happenings regarding mastermind Julian Assange. Terrific how well he is portrayed by Cumberbatch.  

After Marvels huge success with Avengers DC tries to get more movies out there to form its Justice Leagues Universes. Superman is the first and does a decent job. At least for me the characters misses a interesting origin or weakness, but at least the director Zack Snyder did a superb performance on the visuals which were astonishing. Nowhere you will see more buildings crushing into each oterh.

Another comedy flick that did great this year. Somehow the jokes this year were all good after a decade of too serious movies. The story is over the top and has many beloved actors in it as Simon Pegg and Martin Freeman. Everyone who likes british comedy should take a look at another end of a trilogy.

I liked the fourth Die Hard movie and even that one didn’t come short. The story was nice but the best were the jokes. The story is ridiculous as always but at least Bruce Willis show off in his most famous role.

Lone Ranger is another movie done by the trio Johnny Depp, Gore Verbinsky and Jerry Bruckheimer. To no one surprise the movie was a hug hit… okay it bombed at the box office to my surprise. My guess for that can be found inside the review. For me it was quite unexpected to be so good, maybe even one of the better films with Johnny and one of the best westerners out there appreciate for children.

Two years ago the first installment was shown and was quite miserable. This time the director changed and with him came a new approach that fully fulfills the desire of the audience. If it just wouldn’t have been so stretched the story would have ranked higher.

Marvel goes strong this year again. The best out of their popcorn cinema movies is Thor and that is not because of the main character. We rarely see a villain that is more beloved by the audiences than the hero itself. Tom Hiddleton aka Loki did a splendid job in this dark movie.

Hangover was a huge success at its time and now finds it conclusion. The third one is the best out of the three with more intelligent jokes and a even more crazier story than ever. We get to see more of Alan and Chow, the best comedy pairing in the last years. A worthy ending and one of the few movies I laughed about.

The Star Trek reboot was great but did a lousy job for several reasons. Nearly none of them are left in the tight packed sequel. Benedict Cumberbatch does a great job as Khan. The effects are refreshing even the light flares.

What should I say? I’m a huge J.R.R. Tolkien fan and even though The Hobbit movies don’t overwhelmed the huge expectations after the Lord of the Rings trilogy they are the best fantasy movies out there. There is none movie that comes anything close to these epic landscapes and huge battles. Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug was especially great. Peter Jackson did better with the second one and gives me high hopes for the last part.

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