May 26, 2012

Men in Black 3 - Review

After ten years the dynamic duo Agent J. and K. Returns back to the big screen, this time in 3D.  

(Quick Note: There are some very impressive 3D scenes which don’t feel as forced as in so many other films. MIB3 is one of the films in which the 3D effect is better implemented, but don’t justifies the higher ticket price.)

Again, it's their job to protect the Earth from strangely designed aliens and not just in the present. This time it's up to Agent J (Will Smith) to protect his partner K (Tommy Lee Jones) against the return of his most powerful enemy. The twist this time, Agent J has to travel back in time to change the future. The film doesn’t stiff about explanation or alternate scenarios, but uses it for a fresh setting. It stiffens the film is not too much time on alternate strands, but also uses it for a fresh setting. The bulk of the film plays the sixties, the time when the MIB was established, providing many explanations for its predecessors. It also portrays the racism and old-fashioned technology of that time.

The story is very thin like its predecessors and serves only as a ride on the fast track and action-packed roller coaster. As it is typical for villains, also this time they will be shot and pursued. Despite the beautiful action orgies the jokes are the real highlight of the film. They are more numerous and funnier than before, which is mainly due to the fact that they are not so childish anymore. Just think of the "egg-neck monsters" from the second movie. Also the creatively designed aliens are just as successful as the jokes. Especially the bad guy stands out for the first time and looks terrifying.

The actors all play their roles well. This is the first film with Will Smith in the lead that I like since I Am Legend. He acts the best as a Klutz, much better than is last social dramas. Josh Brolin, who plays the past version of Agent K. knows how to shine. The Positive surprise was Michael Stuhlbarg, as a slightly strange alien. He will probably be seen in more movies from now on. Shortcoming is the unspectacular film music, which languishes in the background and sometimes the partly bad computer effects. The latter will not be noticed by most viewers.

All in all MIB3 is an entertaining popcorn movie. People, who already liked the predecessor, will be thrilled by the new adventures of the men in black.

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