February 22, 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard - Movie Review

Like every year we got a ton of action movies. Old genre, with the same old faces and overused shooting formula, resulting in a huge decline in profits from them. Recent flops cover old action heroes like Arnold Schwarzeneggers "The Last Stand" and Sylvester Stallones "Bullet to the Head" (very original movie title by the way...). Is it, because younger people can't relate to these oldsters anymore? Even Jason Statham isn't that young anymore, but then "Expedenbales 2" wouldn't be such a hit if that was the case. Even new action flicks like "Zero Dark Thirty" and "Broken City" under perform by huge margins. BUT what is the reason for the one's precious money making genre falling so low nowadays? Is "Die Hard 5" another one? Get all the answers here:

All the friends of the previous installments can rest assured. Jon MaClane is still a gritty old bastard, who takes action rather then talk it through. Just after a few lines about parenting love and his mistakes in the past the action starts. Whole buildings explode and Bruce Willis tries to catch the culprits just like in the old days. There is so much going on that you will not believe it and just be amazed by the epic pictures, telling hilarious one-liner one after another. Growing old doesn’t make it easier for him, but a lot funnier for us. 

Instead of other action movies “Die Hard 5” doesn’t make the mistake of trying to tell a realistic and heartwarming story. Instead it focuses on what the viewer expects of an action movie and that is action. Whenever something happens, the guns get bigger and the situations are more dangerous than ever. There are only three action sequence, but they as long that they take part of mostly the complete film, never really stopping to take a breath. This results in a fast experiencing, ending as the shortest “Die Hard” movie. It's everytime a good sign that you are amazed how fast it is over without being bored while watching. Another reason for that are the jokes, that don’t feel cheesy. They are those simple one liners to which the audience as normal beings can easily relate to, which is also a reason for the success of this franchise. Jon MaClane is not a super hero. He is your normal Joe being thrown into dangerous situations, constantly complaining about them. Another positive point is the story of the movie. It is not such a complex one and similar to the previous flicks, but nonetheless there are a few surprises for people who don’t watch it carefully.

The only thing that wasn’t well done are the effects, but that goes not for all of them. Some of them were really bad done, especially the one in the middle. They felt cheap and were easily identifiable as such, which is never a good sign for cgi-magic. It needs to feel coherent with the real life section, which they don’t. My guess is that they were short on time or budget, because the other scenes are simply gorgeous. I can recommend the movie to every action fan out there who was bored by the recent flops. This one is like “Expendables 2”, only not just as exaggerated as that one. All the “Die Hard” Fans will obviously watch it without my statement, but if someone actually reads this review. Rest assured, you will be pleased with this one. The implied sexiness by the trailer is actually fake by the way. The hot chick on a bicycle scene is in the movie, but incredibly shorted that it really doesn’t matter at all. The here a look at it, because you won’t this this part in the movie. :)

3 Kommentare:

  1. Undeniably entertaining action-movie franchise fodder [but] had the producers [made] Mary Elizabeth Winstead the film's other action hero rather than going with the convention of casting yet another male, Die Hard 5 would have been awesome. :)

    1. it was a fun bro-action flick. nothing more and nothing less. though acting action heroine are hard to find and often unbelievable drag to a sexy and dangerous scenario. don't know if it would have been better that way. it could also have destroyed the whole thing for sure :)

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